Huw Rhys-Evans
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'A la voix d'un amant fidèle', a melody heard more than once in the score which Huw Rhys_Evans infused with gentle persuasion and ringing ardour in a performance notable for his firm articulation of the words and projection of the notes.
Margaret Davies - OPERA MAGAZINE September 2007. review 'La Jolie Fille de Perth' by Bizet. (Chelsea Opera Group)
The Welsh tenor Huw Rhys-Evans, a protégé of Alberto Zedda, has a good voice with enough weight and juice to make me wonder about his chances as Manrico or Ramedes in a few years from now.
Richard Law - OPERA MAGAZINE December 2006 C.D. review for 'Torvaldo e Dorliska' by Rossini. ( Rossini Wildbad Festival)
And there are a couple of excellent comic servants from David Stout and Huw Rhys-Evans (in drag)
George Hall -THE GUARDIAN October 2006
Huw Rhys-Evans steals every scene he is in.
Michael Church -THE INDEPENDENT October 2006
Huw Rhys-Evans is a menacing, almost fascistic, Apollo, ........
Richard Morrison -THE TIMES October 2006
Of the excellent quartet of soloists, two shone out especially for me the tenor, Huw Rhys Evans, and the soprano, Linda Gerrard but the contribution of mezzo Kathleen Wilkinson and Paul Keohone, bass, must not be underestimated.
Evans was an evangelist to die for, his voice ideal for the role. His recitatives were clear and precise, his arias perfection, despite a brief eclipse by a wonderful flute obligato in Haste Ye Shepherds.
Garry Fraser - DUNDEE COURIER December 2005
He did not skitter lightly through the cantilenas and coloraturas, but sang them out with an expressive, masculine Tenor giving his character courage and and conviction - Torvaldo e Dorliska - Rossini in Wildbad
'Doubt, Tenderness, Fear and Love all these lie within the colours of his voice
Torvaldo: Torvaldo e Dorlioska/Rossini in Wildbad SCHWARZWALDER BOTE (Obendorf)
Also imnpressive was HUW RHYS-EVANS as Filippo, who made an instant impact in his Act 1 aria when he orders his daughter to marry Nencio whether she likes it or not. His conveyance of the text was the best of the five, in fact allowing us to hear every word without straining.
Dominic McHugh September 2005
.......while in the gun tooting Errico's famous scena, graphically likening the pursuits of love to those of the chase, Huw Rhys-Evans, with equally gorgeous tone and engaging personality, brought the house down..... Errico's unwitting encounter with his tiny son (Joseph Allinson), and a path of flute obbligato as he yields to Rosina, were moving beyond words, Haydn - La Vera Costanza (Bampton Classical Opera)
Amid an A class of artists, one continues to be impressed by Huw Rhys-Evans's forcefull Duke Ottavio, Don Giovanni by Gazzaniga - Bampton Classical Opera
Derek Jole - OXFORD TIMES September 2004

Best of all was Huw Rhys-Evans delivering Errico's mock militeristic love lesson (shades of Cheribino)

Roderick Dunnett - OPERA MAGAZINE September 2004 page 1128
Huw Rhys-Evans brought the character of Harris to life with the strongly projected, expressive singing and a vivid acted account of 'Old Mr. Rabbit, he's a good fisherman' Uncle Remus, Pegasus Opera
Margaret Davies - OPERA MAGAZINE September 2004 page 1129
The mechanics are adorable.... Huw Rhys-Evans's delicious Flute smooching through Nicholas Smith's Wall...... A Midsummer Night's Dream - English Touring Opera
Roderick Dunnett - THE INDEPENDENT March 2004
As Pilade, Oreste's friend, we heard Huw Rhys-Evans, who had been the worthy, late-replacing tenor in the aforementioned Semiramide. He had less to sing here but enough to show that he also could take such music in his stride. It was good casting all around.
John T Hughes - THE GUARDIAN February 2004

The pursued knight Torvaldo was given a superb performance by the outstanding Rossini tenor Huw Rhys-Evans. The low notes of the role were encompassed as well as the high extremities. Torvaldo - Torvaldo e Dorliska Rossini in Wildbad